The other Trump executive order that will hurt refugees

A January 25 executive order on immigration enforcement allows for immediate deportations at the border with Mexico.


Judging by the spat between US President Donald Trump and his Mexican counterpart, President Enrique Pena Nieto, over who will pay for the infamous wall to separate their countries, the two leaders could not be further apart.

But the two presidents have something in common: they are both ignoring the lives of the many men, women and children who are desperately fleeing some of the most violent countries on earth.

Trump’s scandalous executive orders are already proving devastating for hundreds of thousands of refugees across the world. But it is Central Americans who are immediately affected by what has now turned into one of the largest human rights crises in the Americas.

The challenges of building Trump’s Mexico wall

You need only look at the fine print in President Trump’s January 25 executive order on border security and immigration enforcement improvements to see it.

The order allows for migrants, many of them asylum seekers, to be detained as soon as they cross the US-Mexico border and to be immediately deported to Mexico. Many have endured unspeakable horrors in one of the most dangerous journeys on earth.

President Trump’s proposed system violates the fundamental right not to be deported to a country where an individual would be at risk of suffering serious human rights violations, including torture or


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